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About Us

NeuPulse is an Outer Banks based Technology Company offering a broad array of IT services for business. We deliver cutting-edge solutions that will help your company meet its objectives. NeuPulse also offers a wide range of services to our region's hospitality industry. The services we provide include:

Throughout eastern North Carolina, companies trust and rely on NeuPulse to help with infrastructure development, IT management, WI-FI development, Technical support, Audio Video design, and Energy management. We can be relied upon to deliver on our promise, ensuring you get a high-quality experience and the highest levels of service, just as you would expect.

"Quality products, quality service for quality customers. Quality comes first with NeuPulse, in every aspect." Founder, Owner
Cameron Thompson

Customer Insights

In the digital world of shopping, data is king. Knowing your customers well, including their demographics such as age, sex, shopping preference and more is key. It has helped countless companies to define a concise strategy for in-store offers and messaging.

Delivery of Offers

Retail, in particular, is a highly competitive industry. Finding new and creative ways to get people through the doors is a challenge. A great way which has been proven to increase business is through the delivery of targeted promotions. People are happy to give you their email address in exchange for being able to access your store's WI-FI for free.

Wi-Fi development is so much more than just an installation. We have a full-spectrum of wrap around services to make sure your business is getting the highest return on investment. We are an expert in connectivity in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Our Range of Services