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NeuPulse delivers certified network and infrastructure systems into hotels and retail environments. Installing robust hotel and retail Wi-Fi networks which are specifically designed to process a high volume of users. Whatever the size of your business or network capabilities, Neupulse tailored WI-FI offerings will give you a service that performs superbly, and that can withstand all of your user requests with ease.

We offer solutions to suit both low-cost requirements and high occupancy facilities. Our WI-FI networks have been successfully deployed in resorts, hotels, conferences centres, timeshares and condos along with long range WAN wireless backhaul and RV parks. We design each network to suit the exact purpose and needs of our clients.

The demands placed on Hotel Wi-Fi Internet services are no longer what they used to be. Customers want more, so you need a service that delivers above and beyond their expectations.

With the increasing adoption of personal wearable devices, traditional hotel Wi-Fi services are being put under pressure to deliver to their guests, the experience these new devices promise. Health conscious guests use fitness bands, parents use Wi-Fi child trackers, and the newest device - smartwatches - are poised to elevate interpersonal communications to a new level. People count on their devices every day; they need to be connected at all times. Hotel Wi-Fi networks must deliver and be able to handle the increased workloads and request that are a direct result of the higher number of devices that are actively using their network.

Meeting your HSIA Requirements

We can design a complete hotel Wi-Fi network solution, fully tailored to your brand's requirements for HSIA.

We provide complete hotel Internet services including:

Upsell your Hotel Wi-Fi Internet Service

We understand the pressures hotels feel to provide free, fast and reliable hotel Wi-Fi. You need to support all these new devices and to make sure your guests rate their stay with you highly.

Guests expect great hotel Internet services that enable them to use their favourite social media check their email, stream movies, video conference, and more. Unfortunately, these hotel Internet services can come at a cost. Our hotel Wi-Fi network solutions can help to reduce that cost by added higher speed service through purchase and/or locality programs. Often, people are more than happy to pay the extra cost if it means they can get a high-speed of service to help them get a better experience when watching a movie online, or when they are working and need to send files or use resource-heavy applications or programs.


NeuPulse manages Wi-Fi hotspots for retailers and restaurants. We offer cost effective and scalable turnkey Wi-Fi solutions. We manage every aspect of Wi-Fi hotspots at your locations including; the configuration, technical and customer support. Offering a hotspot amenity can help your business to differentiate itself from the competition, it can increase your customers, and you can also benefit from additional advertising and promotional opportunities.

Retail Wi-Fi Network Marketing

Today retailers use their Wi-Fi network to interact with their customers on a much more personal level. By using location based services (LBS) with a great retail Wi-Fi network, a retailer knows not only where the customer is, but they can also discover who they are. By acting on the frequency of visits, a retailer can increase sales and customer satisfaction with built in surveys and splash page logins.

How would you like to be able to send a coupon for your customer's 10th visit, or even on their birthday?

You can now do all of this, and more.

Outdoor Wi-Fi

Campgrounds, RV Parks and Marinas.

Many outdoor areas now offer Wi-Fi and high-speed Internet access as an amenity for their guests. Some offer access to a clubhouse or other similar area, while others use antennas to broadcast the signal to all areas of the property.

In addition to the benefit of being able to offer Internet access, you and your staff can also take advantage of your hotspot splash page to communicate with your guests. Since guests will see this page whenever they connect to the internet through your Wi-Fi, it can become a powerful communication tool. Splash pages can be used it to inform guests of local services, attractions, offers, events, or anything else for that matter.

Customers will be able to access any online information that they need such as ocean maps, fish locations, weather patterns, tide charts, and much more. Not only will your customers enjoy the increased functionality of your Marina, but your business will benefit significantly as well.


NeuPulse has been deploying WiFi networks over the last 10 years, we pride ourselves on having the experience and knowledge to handle your deployment.


After the hardware deployment and configuration is complete, it receives extensive testing. Our on-site technicians run full set of WiFi tests to ensure it is operating to full capacity.