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IT Management

IT Management

On-Site Service

NeuPulse manages all your support requests for hardware and software, billed at a manageable and predictable flat monthly price.

We enable your employees to quickly and easily submit incident reports, support requests and feedback. Our team deliver excellent service and quickly respond to your support requests, updating you by email and phone. If you need to ask for support or help, our ticketing system is easy to access and straightforward to use. NeuPulse technicians can quickly remote access your PC to fix the issue with no hassle or delay. Most problems are resolved remotely; however, if an onsite visit is necessary, these are covered at no extra cost.

Preventive Maintenance

Most people need to use their IT equipment on a daily basis. Your computer is a sensitive and delicate device that needs ongoing care to ensure it continues to work properly. Without ongoing maintenance, you can end up paying more to fix problems such as overheating. Or worse still, having to replace your equipment entirely. Common causes of overheating are dust and dirt; Clogged vents and CPU cooling fans can keep heat-dissipating air from moving around, even a thin coating of dust can raise the temperature of your machine's parts. We schedule routine maintenance, to keep your systems working properly, helping to extend their life. This includes: physically cleaning the outside and inside of each PC, printer, copier and peripherals.

Our pricing makes budgeting easy, with a predictable flat monthly rate that prevents you from receiving dozens of invoices for different services. Say goodbye to hourly billing for your IT support. New projects are still available at a competitive hourly rate for needs outside of the monthly IT support program.

Online Backup Service

Online Backup

We offer business class online backup and file sync. Here are a few key benefits of our solution:

Server Backup

Regardless of the size of your business network, we understand how important your server is to the success of your company. Servers typically store mission critical data and programs necessary for your day to day business. NeuPulse will proactively monitor your vital equipment. Disaster Recovery while rare can be extremely expensive to your business. With a solid backup in place, we can make sure the system will be back up and running with only a minimal amount of disruption.